Great choices!! I have the Mono organizer and think it is such a great piece. Congrats! lv bag

,Congrats! Love the pink - beautiful pieces louis vuitton wallet,

Congrats! Your Totally is a wonderful bag. Like everyone else said, you'll totally love all the room and pockets it has. I have one which I use for comes in mighty handy when we go on our class field trips & holds up really well (I've had it for about a year and I stuff it with my water bottle, grade books, and all the rest of my paper work and it still looks great). louis vuitton wallet

,I also thought I'd throw in a picture of the LV Icons book that I bought a few weeks ago. It's a lovely little book with some really nice photos inside. louis vuitton handbags,

If you have several Speedies already, then exchange yours for the 35 B. louis vuitton

,Just received the Groom Cles today!!!!!!!!! Very excited to use this one. I wish people around my town appreciated LV more haha. Barely anyone knows of how rare my Perfo and Groom Cles' are. louis vuitton handbags,Gorgeous! Congrats! louis vuitton outlet,f we stopped buying Vuitton because of their anti-semitism a long time ago, then why stop there? We should boycott American and British products because of the slave trade, Chinese and Korean products because of their communism, Japanese and German products because of what they did in WW2, South African products because of apartheid, Middle Eastern products because of terrorists. Oh wait rolex about.